My Sellers Guide

Start the Home Selling Process

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Selling a house typically includes the following elements. I’ll be your resource and guide throughout this process.

Initial Consultation

•    Clarify your needs and expectations.
•    Review selling process, initial market evaluating strategy.
•    Interview “Agency” choices.
•    Select appropriate representation.

Design and Implement Marketing Plan

•    Complete home enhancement recommendations.
•    Schedule marketing activities.
•    Show the property to brokers and prospective qualified buyers.
•    Communicate sales status and marketing activities.
•    Optimize marketing and pricing as necessary.

Review Offer and Reach Agreement 
with Buyer

•    Receive and review offer from Buyer’s real estate representative.
•    Discuss and clarify proposed terms and conditions.
•    Negotiate; consider counter offers.
•    Reach final agreement.

Complete CLOSING Process

•    Deposit of Buyer’s earnest money.
•    Sign documents.
•    Initiate title search, deliver preliminary title report to Buyer.
•    Initiate inspections.
•    Resolve remaining contingencies.
•    Conduct final walk-through with Buyer
•    Initiate loan funding/balance of funds from Buyer.
•    Record title.
•    Buyer takes possession of property.

After-Sale Service

•    Help you find your next home.
•    Assist you with relocation, if needed.



Our marketing program for your home is built on three activities:

Promote To Prospective Buyers

•    Print Advertising
•    Online
•    Yard Sign
•    Open Houses
•    Other Marketing Materials

Market To Other Real Estate Professionals

•    The Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Network
•    Referral and relocation resources
•    Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
•    Direct promotion to other real estate professionals
•    Open house for industry real estate professionals

Maintain Communication With You

•    Review the results of our marketing activities
•    Consult with you to finetune our marketing strategy, as needed


The more potential buyers know about your house, the more confident (and swift) they can be in 
their purchase decision. Enhance the saleability of your property with:

•    A written property disclosure statement to give buyers a clear understanding of the property 
     and surrounding neighborhood.
•    A home warranty to give prospective buyers peace of mind by providing a one-year 
     repair-or-replace coverage of major home operating systems and appliances.
•    Professional inspections such as structural, roof and termite, to reveal the current condition 
     of the property.


It is important for a property to make the best possible impression on prospective buyers. 
The following can interfere with a buyer’s appreciation of a property:


•    Clutter
•    A lawn in need of mowing
•    Untrimmed hedges and shrubs
•    Dead and dying plants
•    Grease or oil spots on the driveway
•    Peeling paint
•    Anything that looks old or worn


•    Worn carpets and drapes
•    Dirty windows, kitchen, baths
•    Clutter
•    Pet and smoking odors
•    Peeling paint, smudges or marks on walls


These tips can help your house make the best impression when previewed by sales professionals 
or shown to prospective buyers:


•    Remove toys, newspapers, yard tools and other clutter
•    Tidy up and pick up after pets
•    Park vehicles in the garage or on the street, leaving the driveway clear
•    Add color with flowers and potted plants


•    Make beds, clean up dishes and empty wastebaskets
•    Remove clutter throughout and put away toys
•    Set out “show towels” in bath
•    Freshen the air with potpourri or by baking bread, deodorizepet areas and set the thermostat to
     a comfortable temperature
•    Do a quick vacuuming and dusting
•    Arrange fresh flowers throughout the house
•    Turn on the fireplace (when appropriate)
•    Play soft background music